3 Questions To Ask A Christian School Before You Enroll Your Child

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Are you considering a Christian school for your child? That could be a wise decision, especially if you're not happy with the public school alternatives in your area. Many people prefer Christian schools for their children for a wide variety of reasons. They may want their kids to get an education that includes elements of faith and has a religious influence. They may want a school that has a dress code and stricter behavior standards. Still others may just want their children to attend a school with others who share the same beliefs and values. Whatever your motivation, it's important that you do your research before deciding on one school. Here are a few important questions to ask as you research schools:

How is faith integrated into the curriculum? Not all Christian schools are the same. That's especially true with regard to how Christianity is worked into the school's curriculum and daily life. At some schools, faith may play strictly a complimentary role to education. For example, students may do some bible study and may attend weekly or monthly church services. However, all of the other subjects and curriculum may not have any religious content.

On the other hand, other schools may infuse religious content into every subject and class. They could ask students to consider how faith and Christianity influenced historical events or scientific matters. Think about how much religious education you want your child to receive and make sure your school's approach is consistent with your wishes.

How diverse is the school's student population? Another important consideration is how much exposure your child will have to students who may not share the same beliefs. Some Christian schools carefully restrict their student population to only children and families who go to a certain type of church or follow a certain strand of Christianity. Other schools open their enrollment to everyone, giving them a diverse population of both believers and non-believers.

There's no right or wrong answer as to how diverse a student population should be. It's strictly based on your preferences for your child. However, you'll want to know this information before your child starts attending the school.

What does the school's funding look like? Funding is a constant issue for many Christian schools. You should ask about the school's finances to make sure it's stable and will stay open for the duration of your child's education. Don't be surprised to learn that total tuition doesn't fully cover the school's budget. The real question is how the school covers the shortfall. Do they do it with fundraisers or donations from alumni and parents? Do they get help from a well-funded church? Or do they fund it with debt?

A reliance on debt to fund shortfalls may be a red flag. The school could be struggling with debt payments that impact its ability to operate efficiently.

For more information, contact a Christian school in your area, such as Lakeside Christian School. They can give you a tour and answer any questions that you may have.