Youth Ministry And Mission Trips: How Your Organization Can Pay Their Way To Other Lands

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A big part of youth ministry is teaching young adults how they can be effective witnesses for Christ. Included in that endeavor is the many opportunities for youths to travel, preach the Gospel, and delve into other cultures. Unfortunately, this can get quite expensive, and while some churches have very large congregations that can support these ministries and youth mission trips, others are a little more financially challenged. Here are a few ways your church's youth ministry can serve God and gain funds for youth mission trips.

Soup Kitchens

Starting a soup kitchen may sound expensive, but many grocery stores and food pantries in your area may be willing to donate soup-making supplies. As you teach your youth how to make soup and minister to both the body's hunger and the hunger of the soul, you are teaching the kids how to connect to others through compassionate acts. Those who come to the "soupfest" or soup kitchen may make small monetary donations if they are able, while the truly indigent may eat for free.

Sunday Luncheons After Church

Many churches offer up their church kitchens for their youth ministries' needs. Your group could secure a once-a-month slot to make lunch and sell it for a monetary donation after Sunday service. This is a nice way for everyone to get a bite to eat before hurrying on with their busy Sunday plans as well as a means for extended church fellowship and the welcoming of visitors or new members. Youth ministries that utilize the "pay-as-you-can" Sunday luncheon approach usually start months in advance of their intended youth mission trips so that they have a good sum of money collected before their departure days.

Car Washes

During warmer months leading up to your youth ministry's departure, your group could host a car wash or two. This works especially well in late winter or early spring, when cars are absolutely filthy, covered in dirty snow, mud and rock salt. For a few dollars each, vehicle owners can get their cars and trucks washed. Supplies for the car wash fundraiser can be donated by church members who already have these items at home, cutting the costs to almost nil and making most of the funds from the washes pure profit. As people wait for their vehicles to be washed, your youth group could also practice their ministry skills on any consumer who is willing to listen.

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