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3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Know If Assisted Living Is Right For You

Everyone ages; this is simply part of life. Just as everyone was born, everyone must die at some point. Those whose were fortunate reach old age and get to experience every stage of life. If you are nearing your golden years, you might be wondering when it will be time to go to an assisted […]

3 Questions To Ask A Christian School Before You Enroll Your Child

Are you considering a Christian school for your child? That could be a wise decision, especially if you’re not happy with the public school alternatives in your area. Many people prefer Christian schools for their children for a wide variety of reasons. They may want their kids to get an education that includes elements of […]

Youth Ministry And Mission Trips: How Your Organization Can Pay Their Way To Other Lands

A big part of youth ministry is teaching young adults how they can be effective witnesses for Christ. Included in that endeavor is the many opportunities for youths to travel, preach the Gospel, and delve into other cultures. Unfortunately, this can get quite expensive, and while some churches have very large congregations that can support […]

Experience A Spiritual Awakening: 3 Inexpensive Ways To Get Closer To Nature

Everyone has a spiritual connection to nature that can help to heal the mind, soothe the body, and restore the senses. While many people spend hundreds (if not thousands of dollars) on special retreats, professional presentations, and spiritual boot camps, you can experience your own personal spiritual awakening and get closer to nature right in the comfort […]